Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill

  • Price per stick: £15.50
  • Ring Gauge: 50
  • Length: 4.8″
  • County of Origin: Cuba


I had high hopes for this cigar for a couple of reasons, firstly its a Cuban and secondly it’s a very well known brand which is the favourite for a number of celebs.

The build quality was very good and it’s obviously a square-pressed cigar, but aesthetics aside, it’s un-faultable.  It was very firm and had a good weight to it. Cutting was also a breeze with the cap falling nicely into the ash tray.

I was smoking this in an outdoor cafe in Covent Garden after a sweet crepe and accompanied by a cappuccino.  I lit with a turbo blue flame lighter and again, faultless so far.  The first couple of puffs were great and produced copious amounts of smoke.


The first third was really enjoyable and the ash was holding very well – nothing better than having a large, solid ash stack on the end of your ‘gar.  The flavours were constant throughout the smoke and consisted of rich, complex earthy notes, leather, dark chocolate and a little coffee.  I put the cigar out around 2/3 or 1/2 way through due to bitterness and also feeling quite a nicotine rush.


There were burn issues starting around the latter half of the cigar, about 30 minutes in or so.  It wasn’t ‘canoe-ing’, however it kept on going out.  Another downside is that the stack of ash was rather ‘flakey’ meaning that the slightest blow of wind or a little nudge and you’d get some ‘cigar dandruff’ on you.

Overall I really enjoyed this smoke and apart from the price, it’s great.  There was no real ‘wow’ factor however and I still enjoyed the Nub Maduro a lot more.

Overall Score:

  • Looks/Feel: 8/10
  • Smell before burn: 7/10
  • Burn: 6/10
  • Taste of smoke: 13/20

Overall: 34/50


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