Oliva Serie G Belicoso

  • Price per stick: £8
  • Ring Gauge: 52
  • Length: 5″
  • County of Origin: Nicaragua

After the success of the Serie V and Nub, I was excited to try another Oliva branded cigar.  First impressions were undoubtedly that it was one of the most square pressed cigars I’d ever come across. Perfect right angles leading to a smooth and long torpedoed end.  The smell of the unlit stick was very attractive also and I couldn’t wait to start the cut and begin smoking.

I lit again with a turbo blue flame lighter and began.  The first couple of puffs were noticeably sweet but again a lot richer in the ‘darker’ notes than say the Nub Maduro. The flavour slowly matured all the way down the cigar and was noticably a lot more spicy and peppery towards the end.  Also, in my review of the Serie V, I mentioned I had notes of marzipan. I got the same notes again but more towards the end of the smoke.

The issue of it being a ‘parellelpipedon’ had no noticeable effects at all, and in a way, I thought it was quite fun to be smoking a ‘square cigar’.

I’m impressed with the Oliva cigars so far as I feel the quality is great and also the price is very reasonable.  You can get a Churchill size Serie G for a couple of bob more and it adds on about 2 inches or so – real bang for your buck!

I I’ll definitely be buying these again.

Overall Score:

  • Looks/Feel: 8/10
  • Smell before burn: 8/10
  • Burn: 8/10
  • Taste of smoke: 14/20

Overall: 38/50


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